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Serenity Senior Living | COVID-19 Response

SAFETY FOR ALL IS OUR HIGHEST PRIORITY. At Serenity Senior Living, our mission is to provide an inviting, nurturing, clean and safe environment for our residents while helping them to maintain their dignity and independence. Our highest priorities are the health and safety of our residents and staff. We have activated a new visitor policy as a precautionary step in response to COVID-19. Our plan follows guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the state and local public health authorities who have jurisdiction over our facilities. Serenity Senior Living is a Type B small Assisted Living Facility. However, we are adhering to the stricter policies and restrictions imposed on the Skilled Nursing Facilities. The goal is to make sure we have a responsible and appropriate response to the risk of our resident’s health and safety during this uncertain time of public health. Both of our facilities have been inspected by local authorities for our COVID-19 response measures and zero violations were found or cited. Serenity Senior Living has had zero resident or staff cases of COVID-19 in our facilities.

In order to keep our residents safe, all Serenity Senior Living facilities are closed to non-essential outside visitors until further notice. Non-essential health care providers and family members may use video-call and face time on cell phones or tablets to check in on their patients and loved ones. Remote communication between the resident and visitors will be coordinated by the house manager and/or staff.

Essential healthcare providers may be admitted. However, if allowed entrance to the facility, they must:

  • Wear a facial covering, frequently perform hand hygiene and use gloves during the entirety of the visit.
  • Not have any symptoms including fever, cough, sore throat, or shortness of breath

  • Not have had traveled within the last 14 days

  • Not have had contact with an individual with COVID-19

If allowed entrance to the facility, the healthcare provider must: 

  • Ring the doorbell and wait outside the front door. A Serenity staff member will greet the provider and check their temperature. If it is above 99.0, they will not be allowed entrance to the facility.
  • Sign in on the visitors log and provide their current temperature by their name
  • Frequently perform hand hygiene and use gloves
  • Limit movement and interactions with others in the facility (e.g., confine themself to the resident’s room).

The following policies and protocols have been implemented in our facilities while reinforcing healthy habits for our residents and staff. *Policies and protocols are updated regularly as new guidelines are released from the CDC and Texas Health & Human Services.

  • Increased cleaning and sanitization policies of the facilities including frequent cleaning of surfaces, supplies & equipment inside the facilities.
  • Residents wear masks when they are congregated together in the facility.
  • Residents are checked for symptoms of COVID-19 (3) times per day and it is logged in the daily Resident Symptom Log.
  • Staff wear masks when interacting with residents and regularly practice hand washing and gloving procedures.
  • Staff are checked for symptoms of COVID-19 at the beginning and middle of each shift and it is logged in the daily Staff Symptom Log.
  • Each staff member has signed a pledge to self-quarantine when not at work and practice a home-work-home schedule.
  • If a staff member has any symptoms of COVID-19, they must have a negative COVID test or a Doctor’s note in order to return to work.
  • Sufficient amounts of PPE are stored and available as necessary to staff, residents or essential healthcare providers.
  • A quarantine room is designated at each facility for any residents who develop symptoms or test positive for COVID-19.

We have recently finalized a new protocol that will allow us to accept new residents in our facilities after a period of monitored quarantine in a hotel room or home setting under the supervision of approved caregivers, and transport to our facility in an approved transport vehicle. If you have any questions or concerns regarding Serenity Senior Living’s response to COVID-19, please do not hesitate to contact us. As always, thank you for the opportunity to serve your loved ones. 


Elizabeth and Jason Pitts

Owners, Serenity Senior living